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New Page - The list of references starts on a separate page.

Heading - The reference page should have a heading, (i.e., 'Bibliography' or 'Selected Bibliography' in notes-bibliography style and 'References' or 'Works Cited' in author-date style).

Hanging Indent - The references should be in hanging indent format (Chapter 16, 16.1.7, p. 150).

Reference Mismatch - This reference does not have a corresponding citation in your paper. This may be due to oversight or you may have not included all of the authors in the citation or reference listing.

References Amount - The references should be sufficient to back up the research but do not need to be tedious and unnecessarily lengthy.


Great Reference Page - Great bibliography!


Alphabetical - The order of the bibliography should be alphabetical by last name, letter by letter (Turabian Chapter 16, 16.2.2, p. 151-152).

Same Author - If there are multiple works by the same author(s), then order alphabetically by title (major words only) (Turabian Chapter 16, 16.2.2, p. 151-52).

Repeated Names - When multiple works by the same author(s) are included in the bibliography, use 3-em dash (———) in place of the name for entries after the first (Turabian Chapter 16, 16.2.2, p. 151-152).

Same Author with Coauthors - Entries with one author should come before entries with that same author and multiple other authors (Turabian Chapter 16,, p. 151).

No Author - Works with no author should be alphabetized by the first significant word in the title (Turabian Chapter 16, 16.2.2, p. 152).

Organization Author - Work with an organization listed as the author should be placed in alphabetical order by the first significant word in the organization name.

Order of Elements

Notes-Bibliography: Order of Elements - The order of elements for a note usually includes author (first name first), title (capitalized headline-style), and facts of publication, arranged in that order. Elements of the note are separated by commas (Chapter 16, 16.1.1-2, p. 149).

Reference List: Order of Elements - The order of elements for reference list entries follows a similar pattern for all sources, including author, year of publication, title, and facts of publication, each separated by periods. Parenthetical citations include only author and year of publication, do not include punctuation between author and date, but do separate date from any page number(s) with a comma (Turabian Chapter 18, 18.1.1, p. 217).

Source & Punctuation

Source Inappropriate - This source is not appropriate for this paper.

Punctuation - When writing citations in the notes-bibliography style, different parts of the citation are separated mainly by periods. When writing in reference list style, the elements of the reference entry are mainly separated by commas (Turabian Chapter 16, 16.1.2, p. 149).