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Date and Location

Date - The publication date should be included in the reference (Chapter 17,, p. 176) and (Chapter 19, 19.1.2, p. 233-234).

Date Location - For author-date style, the year immediately follows the author(s) name(s). For notes-bibliography style, the date immediately follows the publisher and precedes the page numbers (Chapter 17,, p. 176) and (Chapter 19, 19.1.2, p. 233-234).


Date Magazines and Newspapers - For magazines and newspapers, cite the exact date (month and day) (if available) (Chapter 19, 19.3-19.4, p. 249-250) and (Chapter 17, 17.4, p. 186).

Meetings and Symposia - The date for meetings and symposia the exact date of the meeting (if available) should be included (Chapter 19, 19.6.2, p. 257) and (Chapter 17, 17.6.2, p. 194).

Date Forthcoming - For a work that has been accepted for publication but has yet to be published use the word 'Forthcoming' in place of the date (Chapter 19, 19.2.2, p. 246-247).

No Date - Place n. d. in the date parentheses when no date is available (Chapter 19, 19.1.2, p. 234).

Date Period - There should be a period after the date element (Chapter 19, 19.2.2, p. 246).