Works Cited Page Format Menu Comments


New Page - Start on a new page (MLA Chapter 5, 5.3.2, 130-31).

Heading - The Works Cited page must have ꞌꞌWorks Citedꞌꞌ as the title, centered on the page (MLA Chapter 5, 5.3.2, 130-31).

Hanging Indent - Each work cited in the Works Cited page must be in hanging-indent format (MLA Chapter 5, 5.3.2, 130-31, see also figure 12, 131).

Double Space - The Works Cited page should be consistent with the double-spaced format throughout the paper (MLA Chapter 5, 5.3.2, 130-31).

Reference Mismatch - This reference does not have a corresponding citation in your paper. This may be due to oversight or you may have not included all of the authors in the citation or reference listing.

References Amount - The references should be sufficient to back up the research but do not need to be tedious and unnecessarily lengthy.


Great Reference Page - Great Works Cited page!


Alphabetical - The order of the works should be alphabetical by last name of the first author, letter by letter (MLA Chapter 5, 5.3.3, 131-32).

Same Author - If there are multiple works by the same author(s), they are ordered alphabetical by title. Subsequent entries have three hyphens in place of the author(s) names (MLA Chapter 5, 5.3.4, 133).

Same Author with Coauthors - Entries with one author should come before entries with that same author and multiple other authors (MLA Chapter 5, 5.3.4, 134).

No Author - Works with no author should be alphabetized by the first significant word in the title (MLA Chapter 5, 5.3.4, 133).

Organization Author - Work with an organization listed as the author should be placed in alphabetical order by the first significant word in the organization name (MLA Chapter 5, 5.4.9, 145).


Source Inappropriate - This source is not appropriate for this paper.

Punctuation - Appropriate punctuation is missing in this reference.