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Online Sources - Online sources should always contain the medium of publication and the date (e.g., 'Web. 12 May 2010') (MLA Chapter 5, 5.6.2, 184-85).

Online Source Required - A typical reference for an online non-periodical publication includes: the surname and first name of the author (or editor, etc.); name of the work; website title (if different from publication name); version or edition; publisher (N.p. if no publisher); date of publication (n.d. if no date); medium of publication; and date of access (MLA Chapter 5, 5.6.2, 184-93).

Electronic Journal - To cite a scholarly work from a journal accessed electronically, cite as a print periodical and then add the medium of publication (web) and the date of access after the page numbers, if available (MLA Chapter 5, 5.6.3, 190-92).

Electronic Database - When a periodical is used from an online database, cite the work as a print periodical but add at the end the title of the database in italics, the medium of the work (web), and the date of access (MLA Chapter 5, 5.6.4, 192-193).

Print Books - For electronic version of print books the version should be indicated in brackets immediately following the title inside the period of the title element.