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Author Organization

Author Name - The first name listed in the work should always be inverted (Surname, First Name and Middle Name or Initial) while the subsequent names will be in first name last name format.

Multiple Authors - All authors are typically included in the reference. You may name only the frist author and add et al. for those works with more than three authors (MLA Chapter 5, 5.5.4, 155).

Organization Author - When an organization is the author, be sure to include the full name of the organization (MLA Chapter 5, 5.5.5, 156).

No Author - In works with no author, the title takes the author position (MLA Chapter 5, 5.4.9, 145).

Author Editors - When referencing an edited book (not a chapter in an edited book) the editors of the book should take the place of the author name (MLA Chapter 5, 5.5.3, 153).

Editor Name

Editor Name - When referencing chapter in an edited book the editors should be included immediately following the chapter title (e.g., Ed. A. B. Kennedy) (MLA Chapter 5, 5.5.6, 157).

Titles, Publisher, & Date

Titles of Books and Periodicals - The titles of books and periodicals are in italics with all major words capitalized (MLA Chapter 5, 5.5.2, 151).

Titles of Chapters and Articles - The titles of book chapters are in quotes with all major words capitalized (MLA Chapter 5, 5.5.6, 157).

Publisher - The publisher and place of publication are necessary in all book references. If there is no place of publication given in the source then ꞌꞌn.p.ꞌꞌ should take the place of publication location in the reference. Similarly if there is no publisher information given then ꞌꞌn.p.ꞌꞌ should replace the publisher name in the reference (MLA Chapter 5, 5.5.24, 179).

Date - Year of publication is always included in the reference. If the source does not give a date, ꞌꞌn.d.ꞌꞌ should appear in place of the date.