MLA Style Comments Overview

Paper Sections Comments

Paper Sections deals with much of the front matter in academic papers, from cover page content and design to the strength and quality of introductions, organization of arguments, and more.

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Editing & Writing Comments

Editing Comments

The Editing section is designed to be one of the four sections that a reviewer interacts while reviewing a written work. This section is identical throughout all versions of the product with the exception of specific references to style guides. It is intended to cover both basic editing instructions (e.g., Editing menu) and some overarching writing rules (e.g., Avoid menu). It also includes the custom commenting function where users can create a large number of their own comments and menus (i.e., Comment menu). This section provides a wide array of comments and feedback dealing with copy-editing, fonts and capitalization, spacing, and positive feedback.

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Words-Verbs-Subjects Comments

The Words-Verbs-Subjects section features dozens of comments focused on commonly misspelled or misused words, problems with grammar, and other to-be-avoided issues that frequently appear in student writing.

Sentences and Paragraphs Comments

The Sentences and Paragraphs section features dozens of comments focused on problems with sentences and paragraphs, and other to-be-avoided issues that frequently appear in student writing.

Types of Writing Comments

The Types of Writing section provides comments which can help guide students in writing specific types of paragraphs. This section includes comments targeting the components of each type of paragraph that a student may be required to utilize. 


MLA Style Comments

The Style section includes specially-designed comments to help students develop greater expertise in the use of citations and quotations, how to best present data (e.g., graphs, charts, tables), as well as the optimal use of headings, numbers, page numbers, and abbreviations.


Works Cited Comments

The Works Cited comment group is singularly focused on the references/bibliography portion of student papers, with detailed feedback on page formatting, rules for appropriately listing authors and dates, as well as the current rules for referencing electronic and Internet-based documents (e.g., DOI & URL).