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Organization Logically - Relevant literature should be organized to assist the reader in understanding the relationship between the articles as well as the paper’s key argument/themes.

Introductory Paragraph - This section needs an introductory paragraph to help guide the reader. Introduce the key terms of this section to the reader.

Clear Headings - Use clear, concise, and compelling language for names of section headings.

Visual Consistency - Order the sections of your paper visually by using consistent font faces, font sizes, and font formatting (e.g., bold) to help readers easily notice the differences between section headings, subsection headings, etc.

Less is More - Less is more. Excessive or flowery language can obscure an author’s arguments or help a reader lose interest.

Two Subjects - You are dealing with two different subjects/theses. Separate these into distinct sections or papers, each with a clearer focus.