Hypothesis Menu Comments


Inadequate Literature - The hypothesis should be logically derived based on the literature review. Your review and/or organization of the literature doesn't support this hypothesis adequately (Chapter 2, 2.05, p. 28).

Rationale - Each hypothesis/research question should have clearly developed rationale in the literature review (Chapter 2, 2.05, p. 28).


Location - The hypothesis or thesis statement should be located towards the end of the introduction after the background information has been given in the beginning of the paper (Chapter 2, 2.05, p. 28).

Multiple Hypotheses - In the case of multiple hypotheses within one paper make sure background information and rationale are efficiently explained for each hypothesis (Chapter 2, 2.05, p. 28).


Hypothesis/Thesis Missing - The hypothesis or thesis statement is missing.

Unclear - The hypothesis needs to be clearer and more concise (Chapter 2, 2.05, p. 28).

Operationally Define Terms - If a hypothesis or thesis statement contains words or concepts that would be considered operational definitions, these definitions need to be explained as well.