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Times New Roman - The preferred font for APA papers is 12-pt Times New Roman (Chapter 8, 8.03, p. 228).

Spacing - Single spacing is required after commas, colons, semicolons, and periods when used for initials and in references. Two spaces should follow the end of all punctuation-ending sentences within the text (Chapter 4, 4.01, p. 87).

Double Space - All lines of the paper should be double-spaced. This includes the elimination of any extra spacing before or after the paragraph (Chapter 8, 8.03, p. 229).

Paragraphs - Paragraphs should be indented five to seven spaces (about 1/2 inch) except for abstracts, block quotations, titles and headings, table titles and notes, and figure captions (Chapter 8, 8.03, p. 229).

Margins - APA style papers have one-inch margins (Chapter 8, 8.03, p. 228).

Left Justify - Left align in this text.

Improper Seriation - Improper seriation. If a series of notes are to be inserted in a paper and are not ordinal then the series should be indicated by bullet points within the paper and not by numbers. A series can also be noted within a sentence through the use of a lowercase letter of the alphabet in parentheses, for example '(a)' (Chapter 3, 3.04, pp. 63-65).


Proper Nouns-Trade Names - Capitalization is required for major words in proper nouns and trade names (Chapter 4, 4.16 p. 102).

Titles and Headings - Capitalization is required in major words of titles and headings (Chapter 4, 4.15, p. 101).

Variables, Factors, and Effects - Capitalize the names of factors; also capitalize variables and effects when followed by multiplication signs (Chapter 4, 4.20, p. 104).

Tests and Measures - Capitalize titles of tests/measurement tools (Chapter 4, 4.18, p. 103).


Titles in Text - Italics are necessary in the use of titles of books and periodicals within the text (Chapter 4, 4.21, pp. 104-105).

Specific Word - Italics are necessary when referring to a specific word or slang within the text (Chapter 4, 4.21, p. 105).

Periodicals - Italics are necessary when referencing a periodical or a periodical volume number (Chapter 4, 4.21, p. 105).

Book Titles - Italics are necessary when referencing book titles (Chapter 4, 4.21, p. 104).