Author(s) Menu Comments

Author Name(s)

Author Name - The surname of the author should appear first followed by the first and middle initial (Chapter 6, 6.27, p. 184).

Multiple Authors - List all authors in the reference up until and including seven authors (Chapter 6, 6.27, p. 184).

More Than Seven Authors - For more than seven authors, list the first six names followed by three ellipses ( . . . ) and the last author's name (Chapter 6, 6.27, p. 184; Chapter 7, Example 2).

Author Order - Do not alphabetize authors within the same references. Authors are ordered based on their contribution to the piece.

Ampersand and Spacing

Ampersand Not And - Do not use 'and' between authors. Use an ampersand before the last author named (Chapter 6, p. 182; Chapter 7 gives specific samples).

Space Between Author Initials - There should be a space between the period after the author's first name initial and the author's middle initial.

Author Organization

Organization Author - When an organization is the author, be sure to include the full name of the organization followed by a period prior to the publication date (Chapter 6, 6.27, p. 184).

No Author - In works with no author, the title takes the author position (Chapter 6, 6.23, p. 183).

Author Editors - When referencing an edited book (not a chapter in an edited book) the editors of the book should take the place of the author name (Kennedy, A. B. (Ed.) (Chapter 6, 6.27, p. 184).