Reference Page Format Menu Comments


New Page - The bibliography typically starts on a separate page.

Heading - The bibliography should have a heading consistent with the writing style required for the assignment.

Hanging Indent - The bibliography should be in hanging indent format.

Double Space - The bibliography should be double-spaced.

Reference Mismatch - This reference does not have a corresponding citation in your paper. This may be due to oversight or you may have not included all of the authors in the citation or reference listing.

References Amount - The references should be sufficient to back up the research but do not need to be tedious and unnecessarily lengthy.


Great Reference Page - Great reference page!


Alphabetical - The order of the bibliography should be alphabetical by last name, letter by letter.

Same Author - If there are multiple works by the same author(s), then order by year from earliest to latest.

Same Author with Coauthors - Entries with one author should come before entries with that same author and multiple other authors.

Same Author(s) Same Year - Works published in the same year by the same authors are arranged alphabetically by the first significant word in the title. If the works are a part of a series they are arranged in the order of the series.

No Author - Works with no author should be alphabetized by the first significant word in the title.

Organization Author - Work with an organization listed as the author should be placed in alphabetical order by the first significant word in the organization name.

Source & Punctuation

Source Inappropriate - This source is not appropriate for this paper.

Punctuation - Appropriate punctuation is missing in this reference.