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Context - The introduction should position your paper relative to others' previous work.

Importance - The introduction needs to make a case for the importance of your paper.

Compelling - The introduction should help readers understand why they should read your paper.

Audience - Assume an intelligent, but uninformed, audience in writing an introduction.

Context - Establish a context here in your introduction, so that your reader may better understand your paper's body and conclusion.

Structure - The structure and content of your paper must be indicated in your introduction.

Framework - The introduction should provide readers a framework for understanding the rest of the paper.


Too Long - The introduction is too long. Focus on the main points of the paper. This will help guide readers through your paper.

Too Short - The introduction is too short. Be sure to include the main points of your paper in the introduction. This will help guide readers through your paper.


Nice Opening - Really nice opening to your introduction!

Good Organization - Good organization.

Great Introduction - Great introduction!