Cover Page Menu Comments

Name and Spacing

Double Space - Double space all lines on the title page/section.

Full Name - The title page/section should include your full name.

Class and Instructor

Class Name and Section - The title page should include the class name and number.

Instructor's Name - Include your instructor's name and title (i.e., Dr., Ms., Professor)

Title and Subtitles

Title Content - The title should be both accurate and specific to the content of the paper.

Too Long - The title is too long. A good title is typically no longer than 15 words.

Too Short - The title is too short. The title is not sufficiently descriptive of the paper.

Key Concepts - The key concepts from your paper should be included in the title of your paper.

Abbreviations - Titles with abbreviations and acronyms can reduce title clarity.

Subtitle - Appropriate use of subtitles can prepare the reader for the paper content. A good subtitle would work well here.

Positive & Constructive

Dull Title - The title needs to be more compelling to encourage potential readers to move beyond the first page.

Catchy Title - Really great title. It describes the content of your paper in a compelling way.

Nice Title Page - Nice work on the title page!