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Topic Sentence and Order

Topic Sentence - The topic sentence for a definition paragraph should introduce and provide a clear definition of the term of interest.

Order - Use emphatic order in a definition paragraph.

Synonym, Category, and Negation

Synonym - Make use of synonyms (i.e., what is this term like) to define this term.

Category - Make use of category (i.e., what group is the subject a larger part of) to define this term.

Negation - Make use of negation (i.e., what is the subject NOT like) to define this term.

Word Choice, Time, and Place

Right Word - Use a more specifically descriptive word here.

Time - Avoid the use of time in your definition.

Place - Avoid the use of place in your definition.


Examples - Use examples to clarify your definition.

Varied Evidence - Examples should vary in their evidence. That is, examples should not be repetitive or simply a restatement of the definition.