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Topic Sentence, Knowledge

Topic Sentence - The topic sentence of an argument paragraph should state the position that the writer is advocating.

Know Something - Make sure you are making an argument on a topic that you know something about.

Know Your Readers - It is important that you understand the intended audience of your argument. This includes understanding what the readers are likely to know, what is important to them, and what evidence they would be most convincing.


Position - If you are making an argument for something then take a strong position.

Supporting Evidence - Provide more evidence for your argument.

Generalizations - Do not overgeneralize with your language (e.g., all reasonable people think).

Emotion - Overuse of emotional arguments diminishes their impact and brings the objectivity of the writer into question.

Exaggeration - Do not use exaggeration to support your argument.


Transition Opposition - Use transitional phrases or words to introduce opposition in argument paragraphs (e.g., admittedly, nevertheless, and of course).

Transition Support - Use transitional phrases or words to introduce support in argument paragraphs (e.g., certainly, consequently, and furthermore).