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GradeAssist: APA Style


*This subscription has been prorated and will expire June 30, 2018.

GradeAssist for APA helps students master the intricacies of APA Style and supports the development of important critical-thinking and writing skills. With more than 400 powerful, standardized comments, GradeAssist for APA empowers educators to quickly and easily provide targeted, actionable feedback tailored to the needs of individual students. GradeAssist for APA reflects the rules of the APA Manual of Style, Sixth Edition (Second Printing).

See FAQs for program compatibility and other important information.

Note: This subscription includes access to ALL GradeAssist versions. Expires June 30, 2018.

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Grading as Easy as 1-2-3

When a problem is discovered in a student's paper, it doesn't matter whether it's a word, a phrase, a paragraph, or even an individual letter or punctuation mark. Simply highlight it, click a comment in the GradeAssist menu, and the appropriate feedback will be added to the right margin of the student's paper.

Works with Microsoft Word

GradeAssist for College Writing works with Microsoft Word to enable a wholly new and exciting experience in formative writing instruction. Once the software has been installed, simply start Microsoft Word and discover the new GradeAssist tab at the top of the Word window. A single mouse-click will activate the GradeAssist tab and you'll be on your way.

The GradeAssist Ribbon

The GradeAssist Ribbon provides simple, point-and-click access to more than 400 unique, standardized, and effective comments. (Click the image to see a larger version.)

Comment Groups

The GradeAssist Ribbon is divided into seven comment groups, each designed to work in support of your grading practices.

Paper Sections

Paper Sections deals with much of the front matter in academic papers, from cover page content and design to the strength and quality of introductions, organization of arguments, and more.


Editing provides a wide array of comments and feedback dealing with copy editing, fonts and capitalization, spacing, and positive feedback.

Wording, Writing, & Grammar

Wording, Writing, & Grammar features dozens of comments focused on commonly misspelled or misused words, problems with sentences and paragraphs, and other to-be-avoided issues that frequently appear in student writing.


The Style section includes specially-designed comments to help students develop greater expertise in the use of citations and quotations, how to best present data (e.g., graphs, charts, tables), as well as the optimal use of headings, numbers, page numbers, and abbreviations.


The References comment group is singularly focused on the references/bibliography portion of student papers, with detailed feedback on page formatting, rules for appropriately listing authors and dates, as well as the current rules for referencing electronic and Internet-based documents (e.g., DOI & URL).


Finally, Endnotes offers educators the opportunity to insert at the end of a paper a number of general, all-encompassing comments that will further instruct the student author.

Sample Paper Graded with GradeAssist

View a sample student paper that has been reviewed and critiqued by an educator using the GradeAssist software.

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Reveal Comments by Mousing Over Buttons

Moving your mouse ("mousing") over a button or comment option in a dropdown menu will display the full text of the comment that will be inserted by that button.